Manifestation: Writing

This is a place for making connections related to the written word – the work we’ve done, the people we’ve learned from, and the people who share our journey.

On this page, you’ll find links to the things, places, people, ideas, and conscious and sub-conscious written manifestations that have impacted our lives, and changed our worlds.


Storm Weaver

Cover-Long Walk Home

Long Walk Home: Book I of the Illiyan Chronicles – Aetherbound Press

A talented and dedicated woman, outcast from her society for thinking ahead of her time, and joined by a small group of allies and supporters, faces near-insurmountable burdens as she attempts to cross hostile territory and establish a home for her people. Little does she know that these first steps will mark a rocky and hectic future for her race, and for the two other races that share their world.

Revised and re-written, with changes to the complex language that made the original a challenging read, and with new depth and insight provided in the story-line, this is a never-before-seen, revised and updated version of the original Long Walk Home!

cover-if a tree falls

If a Tree Falls: Book II of the Iliiyan Chronicles -Aetherbound Press


The intrigues of Belchrain’s search for purity among the Altes pulls young Tessa into the cross-hairs. An Alte with an unusual ability during Shift, the young Tessa becomes the target for Belchrain’s drive to purge the Altan people. It is not Tessa alone who is at risk, though — When Kaviel, surrogate maternal influence and Hearthkeeper of the Alte of Michrae, intervenes to save Tessa’s life, a chain of events is set into motion that will change the face of the Altan civilization forever.

Lee Lackey


Curse of the Twisted Rose – Grey Gecko Press

As a kickboxing cop, Marlie Franklin protected the citizens of Houston, and as a young single mom, she kept her teenage son out of trouble. However, when a dying witch curses her at a bust, she begins to attract monsters wherever she goes. One disguises itself as an Internal Affairs officer and causes Marlie to lose her badge, forcing her to leave town in search of work.

Then, as the new deputy for Lockwood, Texas, Marlie discovers that mystical evil has rooted itself in the small town, with a gang of bikers casting spells to keep control. When she refuses to back down, her son could lose his life. Can Marlie learn to use the curse within her for good, to cure the corruption of Lockwood?

Learning and Mentoring

HTTS-ULTRA-225x300If you are looking for help in learning to write,

strongly recommend HOW TO THINK SIDEWAYS and the other fine writing courses offered by Holly Lisle!

(So my readers are aware, this IS an affiliate link — I’ve taken Holly’s courses, and believe in them enough to offer them to others. Holly stands behind her work, and both Holly and the community have been a wonderful resource ever since my first class with her!)